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Windows 8 failure

4 Mar Windows 8 market adoption numbers are well behind Microsoft's greatest previous operating system failure, Vista. Windows 8's pathetic user adoption numbers can't even keep up with Vista's lousy numbers. Vista, universally acknowledged as a failure, actually had significantly better. 5 Feb Windows 8 was nearly a complete failure on every front; it cost two high-ranking executives their jobs, failed to secure Microsoft's mobile future. 1 Jul The change is essentially Microsoft's admission that Windows 8 has been a failure. It's the biggest turnaround that Microsoft has ever made.

21 Jul For many, Start embodied Windows 8's failure. According to NetApplications, Windows 8's highest penetration came in Sept. , when it. The companies who may have 20′ employees all working with Windows. Windows 8 was so very different from Windows 7 from a usability perspective, that. 14 Jan Before you institute a company-wide upgrade, read this. Microsoft's newest operating system may not be worth the trouble.

1 May But for all the warts that Windows 8 had, it wasn't completely a failure in all aspects and even laid the foundations of many features and. 28 Mar It's obvious that Windows 8 is not the most successful operating system launch Microsoft has ever had. Microsoft has struggled with user. 8 May Once a month I report on the desktop operating system market share using data from NetMarketShare. The changes in fortune between the.