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Death swap mini game

9 Jun I have been watching some of Sethblings videos recently, and one of them had caught my eye. It was called [Death Swap], it is a mini game. Death swap is a *NEW* mini-game created by SethBling, the Every 20 seconds to 2 minutes you will swap places and hopefully your. Hey I have a death swap server Death Swap is a mini game invented by SethBling and the objective of the game is to survive and set traps for.

Death Swap is a PvP minigame that pits you against an opponent in survival Minecraft. After random intervals, you and your opponent will swap positions. So yeah, i just watched Mitch's video about death swap minigame with Logdotzip and realized how fun it is. Lemme explain This game is based. I saw the game Death Swap on youtube, and seeing as it is a one-command creation, thought it would be fun to implement as a minigame on.

Justin play an awesome mini-game made by SethBling called DeathSwap. Map Minecraft Mini-Game: Death Swap - ep. 2 w/Download Link - YouTube May 18 Mar SG DeathSwap [Minigame] Bedrock Edition of SethBling's popular DeathSwap survival minigame. You will win when the other player dies. The VIP lobby currently only has two mini games in it: Death Swap and Survival ( Although Survival isn't technically a mini game). I'm going to.