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UPDATE Regarding the rules on Schtserv. In order to give all our users a good service, attention and a safe place to play on our server and comment on our. Home / Downloads. Download: PSO BB Client: You can download the PSO BB. How to Connect via PSO:BB. Please download the installer and proceed to this.

Welcome to the SchtServ PSO2 Alpha test!! Please report all bug on the forum . If you want to register your Gamecube copy of Phantasy Star Online to the. Supports PSO PC, Dreamcast version 2, Gamecube and Blue Burst.

Server details. Here is a list of features implemented into the Schthack private. 20 Feb This wiki is constantly still being updated so some of the information may NOT yet be here. Visit our old wiki, Legacy Wiki. Commands. A current list of available server commands. /setpass - In Game Only. Leader only command. Sets a password in the game. If you don't provide a.